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Bring PAWS Home

Naming Opportunities



PAWS Campus


Main Lobby Entrance

PAWS Park Entrance


Dog Adoption Room

Cat Adoption Room

Spotlight Pet Adoption Room

Receiving Lobby Entrance


Conference Room

Multi Purpose Room


Outdoor Pavilion

Patio & Pergola

Retail Space


Cat Receiving Room

Cat Isolation

Cat Treatment #1

Cat Treatment #2

Dog Receiving Room

Dog Isolation

Dog Grooming Room



Dog Playyard #1

Dog Playyard #2


Executive Director Office

Managers Office

Employee Breakroom

Supply Room

Meds Room

Food Room

Dog Adoption Supply Room

Dog Receiving Supply Room

Laundry Room

Public Restroom


Dog Adoption Room

Dog Suites (6-10 available)

Cat Suites (12 available)

Cat Adoption RoomReceiving Lobby Entrance


Cat Catios (12 available)

Doggy Yards (6-10 available)

Multi Purpose Room

Major donors to the capital campaign will be recognized through naming opportunities for their individual, family or corporate contributions. Naming opportunities are available on a first come basis. Please contact us for the most up to date opportunities. 

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