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Our Spay & Neuter Policy

All animals adopted from our facility are spayed or neutered prior to adoption. In rare cases that they are not, due to health reasons, arrangements will be made with the adopter to have the surgery done at a later date. For local adopters, we will ask them to bring the pet back to the shelter on designated spay/neuter days so we can transport it to our vet. This is so we can keep costs down for the family plus ensure the surgery is completed.  

For long distance adopters, we will talk to the adopter’s vet and arrange a time for the spay/neuter surgery as well as follow-up that it’s complete. We firmly believe that controlling the animal population is the only way to reduce the number of animals in rescue facilities as well as shelters that destroy animals for no reason other than overpopulation.

Adopt a Dog

Once you find the pup (or pups!) for you, download and email the filled out application to PAWS & More.  

Adopt a Cat

Once you find the kitty (or kitties!) for you, download and email the filled out application to PAWS & More.  

Adopt a Small Animal

Once you find the small pet or pets for you, download and email the filled out application to PAWS & More.  

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