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Volunteer Opportunities

  • PAWS & More provides a resource for citizen volunteers

  • Volunteers come from inside and outside of Washington County

  • We maintain two satellite adoption locations through PetCo. Fully operated by volunteers!

  • We promote involvement and compassion within the community.

  • There are endless ways to volunteer, so anyone can do it!

Foster Opportunities

You can make a difference for dogs and cats in our community by fostering. We have opportunities to foster:

  • Animals needing medical recovery or emergency housing 

  • Bottle Baby and Orphan Kittens

  • Dogs ready for sleep overs & field trips

  • Half Way Home dogs and cats

  • Dogs that are suitable for a long-term stay

Vocational Resource

  • Provides a location that citizens can gain vocational training and skills

  • PAWS & More works with many organizations across the County

    • Optimae​

    • Career Connections​

    • Promise Jobs​

    • Advanced Employment Services​

    • Court Appointed Community Service​


Community Outreach

  • Senior Center Visitation Program

  • On-site Pet Therapy

Youth Services

  • Reading Fur Fun Program 

  • Dog-bite Prevention Classes

  • Youth Volunteer Classes

  • On-site Tours

  • Off-site events

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