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Amber Talbot

Executive Director

Cara Sorrells

Board Chair

Terri Wood

Development Chair

Sara O'Donnell

Finance Chair

Elaine Moore


Board of Directors


  • Marketing and Communications

  • Fundraising and Philanthropy 

  • Building

  • Finance

  • Strategic Planning 

  • Campaign Committee

  • Volunteers & Fosters

Paws & More has many committees to help guide and maintain our services, including our volunteers and fosters. 


Whether you are passionate about working with animals, or behind the scenes in other roles, Paws & More is always looking for great people with a compassionate heart.

Featured News & Events

Our Vision

  • Provides humane care to all animals needing protection;

  • Serves as a support resource to communities, animals, and their human families;

  • Seeks suitable homes for animals in need;

  • Collaborates with other shelters and rescue organizations needing assistance when possible; 

  • Serves as the animal field services organization for Washington County, Iowa, and most of its incorporated communities; and

  • Provides euthanasia only when medically or behaviorally necessary.

Our Values

  • PAWS and More is fiscally responsible and driven by high ethical standards.

  • We are an Equal Opportunity employer who cares about our paid staff and our volunteers.

  • PAWS and More seeks to assist families and communities in management of companion animal health and human health in loving homes.

  • Our shelter seeks to provide progressive, thoughtful, clean, and comforting surroundings for the animals in our care.

  • We seek to be environmentally responsible and good community neighbors.

Our Mission

PAWS & More provides animals with shelter and compassionate care while supporting their families and communities.

PAWS & More, also known as Washington County Humane Society, is a private, adoption-guarantee shelter located in Washington, Iowa. “PAWS” stands for “Providing Animals with Shelter”, while “More” stands for the loving care and treatment we give to every animal who passes through our doors.

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