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High Quality Low Cost Spay Neuter

We work with the Iowa Humane Alliance in Cedar Rapids to offer the public a low cost spay/neuter day once a month, generally the 3rd Monday of each month. Call PAWS to schedule at (319) 653-6713​. Feral/Barn Cats $35, Cats $40, Male Dogs $65, Female Dogs $80, Male Rabbits $50, Female Rabbits $75, and Male Guinea Pigs $40.

Iowa Humane Alliance, Phone: 319-363-1225
6540 6th St SW · Cedar Rapids · IA 52404


PAWS & More Food Pantry

PAWS & More is available as a resource to Washington County and surrounding communities. Struggling to feed your pets? Our food pantry is here to help and is open during our public hours. 

PAWS & More Animal Shelter, Washington

Sunset Park Dog Membership

Sunset Dog Park is located adjacent to PAWS & More. Call us at (319) 653-6713​ to purchase your Annual Dog Park Membership for $20. Additional dogs are $15 each.

PAWS & More Animal Shelter, Washington

Dog Day Adventure Program

PAWS & More Director, Amber Talbot, describes a successful collaboration with Maddie's Fund for short-term dog fostering at PAWS. 

PAWS & More Animal Shelter, Washington

Public Microchipping

We see pets unexpectedly separated from their people every day. These animal want to go home but they need help. Compared to non-chipped dogs, those with microchips are 238% more likely to be reunited with their owners. The difference for cats is 2000%. PAWS can microchip your dog, cat, or, even, your rabbit at our shelter. We'll even take care of the registration paperwork. The cost is $35.

PAWS & More Animal Shelter, Washington

Rehoming Resources

PAWS & More is available as a resource for families who need to rehome their pets. We're willing to do a courtesy post on social media to help facilitate home-to-home transfers. You can also check out our Rehoming Resources or fill out an Owner Surrender Form for Cats or Dogs.

PAWS & More Animal Shelter, Washington

Lost & Found Posting

If you have lost or found an animal we ask that you take a picture and email us or send it through Messenger so we can do a courtesy post on our social media channels.

PAWS & More Animal Shelter Social Media

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