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Honey's Legacy

Honey. The name of the dog we could not save. She slowly died of dehydration and starvation last month, before we knew of her, tied up in a house, with no access to food or water. What do you do when a dog in your community, so close to your own shelter, dies in such a heartbreaking way? What are the options?

We will reach the children.

The little minds and hearts who will grow up to be pet owners. And who are little pet owners right now. That’s what we’re going to do.

We want to bring Kind News to classrooms in our community. We want to do our very best to prevent anyone from growing up to believe that the animals around us deserve cruelty, neglect, abuse, or abandonment.

What is Kind News? It’s a fun magazine, a cross-curricular teaching tool that encourages kids to read and write and covers many of the major subject areas. Teachers can readily incorporate it into subjects like math, science, reading, and language arts or simply hand out copies to students to enjoy during free time or at home. Kind News is published monthly throughout the school year and is delivered to classrooms in bundles of 28 copies with an accompanying teacher’s guide. It comes in three editions to accommodate a range of reading levels: Primary edition, Jr. edition, and Sr. edition.

$30 covers a subscription to Kind News for one teacher and their students. Will you help us reach our goal of getting this fun programming into as many local classrooms as we can? Subscriptions will be awarded to teachers who want this for their classrooms.

We can’t bring Honey back. We never got to meet her. At first it was even hard for us to say her name. But if we don’t, then she will be forgotten. And if we do, then maybe we can create a wave of kind treatment towards our local pets that will reverberate and prevent another dog from suffering as she did.

Let’s work together and get Kind News into our community

Rest In Peace, Honey.


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