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Dog Volunteer Opportunities

Dog Enrichment

  • 14+ only please

  • Some training necessary 

  • Take dogs on walks regularly, play with dogs in our play yard. 

  • Fill Kongs, lick mats, and give dogs new toys!

  • Come between 12 and 4 PM any day

Dog Publicist

  • Come play with our dogs and catch their best moments

  • Be willing to send photos to our social media/website manager with a brief description of why you love that dog.

  • Come between 12 and 4 PM, any day except Mondays.

Dog Trainer

  • 18+ only and Training required. 

  • Teach dogs to do simple tricks such as sit, stay, down, off, etc. You will only work with the dogs that staff have cleared to be worked with. 

  • Only positive reinforcement is allowed 

  • Required prior: Dog Walker

  • 12-4 PM, any day except Mondays

Dog Room Housekeeper

  • Some training required

  • Assist staff with cleaning duties in our dog area such as – cleaning the kennel windows and doors, sweeping and mopping our upstairs dog area, and doing the dishes.

  • Come between 8 and 11 AM. Please ask staff before coming to volunteer.

Dog Adoption Assistant

  • Some training necessary

  • Assist potential adopters with finding the right match. Tell them about specific dogs and their specific traits. Dog adoption assistants do not do meet and greets with people or with other animals. 

  • Come between 12 and 4 PM, any day except Mondays.

Dog Meet & Greet Facilitator

  • 18+ only please

  • Training required

  • Facilitate meet and greets between potential adopters and animals. Do dog to dog introductions as allowed by the staff. 

  • Required prior jobs are dog walker, and dog adoption assistant.

  • Come between 12 and 4 PM, any day except Mondays

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