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Cat Volunteer Opportunities

Cat Snuggle

  • 14+ only please

  • Some training necessary 

  • Take dogs on walks regularly, play with dogs in our play yard. 

  • Fill Kongs, lick mats, and give dogs new toys!

  • Come between 12 and 4 PM any day

Cat Groomer

  • Some training necessary

  • Help trim cats nails, clean their ears, brush, and assist with bathing when necessary.

  • Come between 12 and 4 PM any day. (You can still snuggle and play with them as much as you want).

Cat Publicist

  • No training necessary

  • Play with our kitties and catch them at their cutest. Be willing to send photographs to our social media/website manager and/or PAWS email with a brief description of why you love that cat. Descriptions should include why you believe this cat is special!

  • Come any day between 12 and 4 PM except Mondays

Cat Adoption Assistant

  • Some training necessary

  • Be willing to chat about our kitties up for adoption, have an understanding of our medical procedures, and be able to answer potential adopters questions about our cats. 

  • Come between 12 and 4 PM any day except Mondays

Cat Room Housekeeper

  • 16+ only please

  • Some training necessary

  • Help with simple cleaning tasks such as sweeping, mopping, and doing the dishes. Be knowledgeable about our cleaning procedures, be willing to take directions from staff about what needs done. 

  • Come between 8 and 11 AM. Please ask staff before coming to help clean.

Medical Assistant

  • 16+ only please

  • Training required

  • Must have volunteered as Cat Groomer and Adoption assistant/Housekeeper prior to training. 

  • Assist staff in prepping medication, distributing medicine, and checking on cats in our treatment room.

  • Come between 12 and 4 PM any day.

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